It’s genetic. Or I want it to be so. I like to sleep. I like to dream. An uncle of mine used to sleep a lot in the mornings. I remember that. I was about six or less. I used to spend a lot of time at my grandma’s with my young sister. My uncle used to live there. The door of his room was always closed. It wasn’t locked by key. It doesn’t have any key —I think it was lost, or it has never existed, the impossible key—, but just by an ordinary latch. I remember the latch was at a very high position for me. I had to jump in order to open or close it. All of the doors of the three bedrooms of the house, including my uncle’s, was made by wood painted in white. It was not flat, but with four symmetrical rectangular planes of vents. It was a like a door-window. I like it. The vents was made by small thin laths of wood, with little spacing between them. They were fixed at the side main timbers of the door. I can count thirty laths in each vent. The three vertical timbers and the three horizontal ones were four inch thick, I think. The windows and the big six casement front-door of the house was very similar to the bedrooms doors. The house was very fresh. I remember the mourning light entering the living room through the top vent lights. But my uncle used to blackout his door and windows hanging bed sheets on them with spoons. Yes, he used spoons to fix the sheet in the spacing between laths. It was one sheet for the door and another big one for the four casement window with top lights, and many spoons. It seems that my grandma doesn’t care of losing some spoons for my uncle’s peculiar curtains. The door of the kitchen was of the same kind, now I remember. I used to climb that jamb, as a gecko or a frog. And my grandma did the same on that door as my uncle did on his. She blackout it with a pink table sheet fixed with spoons. But it was not for darkening the kitchen, of course, but to avoid the air through the vents. It was very bothering to cook. I can smell my favorite meal: breaded steak.

My uncle used to sleep throughout the morning. So he needed darkness to sleep well. He used to awake up around 2 PM. Sometimes he awoke up at 4. He always used to take a shower before doing anything. The bathroom was in front his bedroom, door to door. They were the first two doors of the corridor. After them, the other two doors of my grandpa and my grandma. I remember the anti-dandruff shampoos of my uncle. He always used that kind of shampoos. He had of many brands. My aunt used to give him special shampoos from Germany. Anti-schuppen, I remember.

A lot of people —ordinary ones, regular-business-hours ones, mourning ones, routine ones— used to call my grandma’s house after him. They called a lot. They bothered a lot. I was not able to understand why my uncle used to sleep so much. I just used to think: why doesn’t he wake up? Why those people call him so much? Why he never answered them? I didn’t know. I just know they used to call and they will call again, and my uncle will still be sleeping and will not answered them, again. That kind of people never learns. My grandma was who answered the calls. Sometimes I did too. And then she used to ask me and my sister to knock on my uncle’s door calling for him. Uncle Robert! Uncle Robeeeeert! it was very fun for me. But not for my grandma: Robeerrrrt! And surely not at all for my uncle. Let me sleep.

I used to like my uncle’s bedroom. It was dark. It doesn’t have a bed, but just two mattresses covered by him in blue fabric. I used to like his closet either. I also used his clothes sometimes. He had a white T-shirt with a stamp of someone drinking beer on a jar, and inside the jar had real beer indeed. Yes, inside some kind of plastic bag. I remember the day I went to school using that T-shirt. I can’t remember why. Maybe my uniform was dirty. But I did huge success that day. He had some strong perfumes. I remember two: the Fahrenheit and the Azzaro. I used them sometimes. I also remember a glass of whisky with some French perfume capsules. I used to like to be there. He had his own TV. Sometimes I watched movies there, in the dark, lied on his blue mattress. Fantastic moments.


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